Southern Hospitality Diner

A taste of the south
located in Nolensville, TN

Welcome to Southern Hospitality Diner  

We are a Meat and Three Restaurant located in the heart of historic Nolensville, TN, formerly home to Nana's Diner.

What is a Meat and Three you may wonder?  In the cuisine of the Southern United States, a meat and three restaurant is one where the customer picks one meat from a daily selection of three to six choices (such as fried chicken, country ham, beef, country-fried steak, meatloaf, or pork chop) and three side dishes from a list that may include up to a dozen other options (usually vegetables, potatoes, corn, green or lima beans, but also other selections such as gelatin, creamed corn, macaroni and cheese.

A meat-and-three meal is often served with cornbread and sweet tea. Meat and three is popular throughout the United States, but its roots can be traced to Tennessee and its capital of Nashville. The phrase has been described as implying "glorious vittles served with utmost informality. It is also associated with soul food.

Southern Hospitality Diner is proud to continue the condition of an old fashioned meat and three diner.